We will be by your side throughout the application process: we'll help you build the best possible application for any bachelor or masters program you want to apply to and we'll show you the path to the funding programs you can access.

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UNIVERSALIO offers personalized educational counseling, so that you’ll be able to study anywhere in the world.

Our support is always tailored to your needs and desires. In other words, we don’t promote a certain set of universities. Instead, we’ll select the universities and programs you’ll apply to together, based on your preferences, by looking at all the options available to you in the countries you’re interested in.

After a substantial initial discussion, 25-30 hours of individual counseling will follow, for the purpose of selecting academic programs and sources of funding, developing the essays and documents you will need, and preparing for the interview (if any) and for student life abroad.

Over the past 6 years, we’ve worked with over 1,000 high-school and university students and supported in the admissions process for top universities in countries including the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Sweden and the United Arab Emirates.

Individualized Counseling