Individualized Counseling

A UNIVERSALIO counselor will be there for you at every step, from your decision to study abroad to your move to a new city, and they will be able to anticipate your questions about all aspects of student life in a foreign country.

As we do not work with a particular set of institutions, our support is always tailored to your needs and desires. We will guide you through the process of selecting universities and study programs based on your preferences and help you analyze the alternatives that interest you and for which you are eligible.

After a substantial initial discussion, 25-30 hours of individual counseling will follow, for the purpose of selecting academic programs and sources of funding, developing the essays and documents you will need, and preparing for the interview (if any) and for student life abroad.

Choosing universities and exploring fields of study

Often, the best-known universities and the ones at the top of international charts tend to be the first choice for those who want to study abroad. But they are not always the most suitable for your profile and wishes. We therefore suggest we work together to find the most appropriate programs and set a strategy that will get you admitted to the specialization you target.

We know how hard it is to figure out which field suits you and what road to choose after graduating from high school or college. For this reason, our support includes recommendations for activities and courses that will help you discover professional areas that fit your interests and abilities.

Building your application and preparing for the interview

It’s important for your application to highlight your strengths and match the candidate profile your university seeks. Our counseling experience allows us to know exactly what your referral letters and personal essay need to look like, and what extracurricular activities to highlight to maximize your chances of admission.

We also offer information on the necessary foreign language certifications and other specialized tests (including LNAT, UKCAT or TSA).

An interview is often part of the selection process for candidates at elite universities. We prepare you for this step, both by clarifying its purpose and the things that matter for an admissions committee, and through a training interview that will help you better master your emotions.

For applicants to medical programs, UNIVERSALIO offers the additional opportunity of holding an interview simulation with an assessment committee made up of current medical students in the UK.

Finding financing sources and accommodation

To cover your tuition and living costs, you can sometimes access a range of funding (scholarships, government loans, bank loans). Their accessibility varies depending on your university and program, as well as your country of origin, the time you apply, and the matching of your profile to the specific conditions of each source. Our support is in identifying these sources of funding in a timely manner, and in assisting you to apply for them.

Finding a place to stay in another country can sometimes be difficult, especially if your university doesn’t have its own lodging. We help by giving you useful information and advice. Additionally, we can connect you to curent students studying there, who might be able to guide you when you get there.

Are you interested in exploring these opportunities further? Let’s talk!

The UNIVERSALIO educational consultancy is a paid service. Because our work with applicants is highly personalized and takes into account all the important criteria in choosing and applying to their desired universities, the cost of our services varies with the chosen study destinations and the particularities of the admissions process for the chosen universities or programs.

We invite you to talk to a counselor to determine which services and information are right for you!

Interested in the counseling services UNIVERSALIO can provide?

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